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Lightweight Baby Training Pants

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Introduce your toddler to the Lightweight Baby Training Pants. Made from high-quality materials, these stylish and durable training pants support transitioning from diapers to using the toilet. With a focus on comfort, they are an effective choice for your little one's training journey.


  • Material: constructed lightweight fabric that ensures your child stays comfortable and dry.
  • Size & Fit: These training pants are available in sizes suitable for most young toddlers.
  • Design Features: Features an elastic waistband for a snug fit and easy pull-up style, facilitating independence.
  • Color and Pattern: It comes in a soft blue shade with subtle patterns that add a touch of charm without overwhelming the design.
  • Usage: Perfect for daytime use during potty training phases, these pants encourage toddlers to transition smoothly from diapers.

Size Chart (inches):

Size Label Weight Range Waist Height
Small (S) Up to 24.25 lbs 14.96-17.32 28.35-31.50
Medium (M) 24.25 lbs to 33.07 lbs 17.32-18.90 31.50-36.22
Large (L) 33.07 lbs to 41.89 lbs 18.90-20.47 36.22-40.94